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Attendance Policies and Procedures


Notes from Rider Main Office


Early dismissal Procedures

Parents, when your student needs to get out of school early for an appointment or any other reason, please SEND A NOTE with them to bring to the main office the morning of the day you require early release to get an early dismissal pass.  We will call you to validate that you sent the note and then give them a pass to leave at the appointed time. When it is time for them to leave, they need to show the pass to the teacher in order to be dismissed from class.  Because the parent has already sent in the note and the student has gotten the pass, the parent does not need to come into the school to sign the student out.

In the event that an unexpected appointment occurs and no note has been sent before school, the parent must come into the school to sign out the student.  Please understand that this will take some time. Students are particularly hard to locate if they are in their athletic class or lunch. If you send a note requesting early dismissal with your student in the morning you will eliminate time spent waiting for us to locate your student.

We are unable to send a pass to release a student with just a phone call from a parent.  

If a parent chooses to email or fax us a note, please understand that we must call and verify all parent notes BEFORE a pass is issued.  Please understand that this will take some time. Also, please be aware that the person you email may be out of the office or the fax machine may be down.  This is why your phone number is so important – if you email or fax us a note and do not receive a call, that means we did not receive it. EMAIL/FAXED PARENT NOTES SHOULD BE A LAST RESORT.  Handwritten notes allow for a much smoother process.

All parent notes must contain the parent phone number where you can be reached so that we may call and verify all notes for early release before passes are issued.  Also please include the time your student needs TO LEAVE CLASS not the appointment time.

Leaving campus and late arrival

Students cannot leave campus without signing out in the Main Office.  It is considered a class cut if they leave campus without signing out through the office.   

If they come to school late, they must sign in to the main office first, before going to class.

Absence notes

ALL NOTES from parents or doctors for absences must be turned in to the Attendance Office within 72 hours (3 days) upon the student’s return to school, per WFISD policy.  If notes are not turned in during this time, the absence will remain unexcused.  

Any faxed or emailed parent notes must be verified before we can accept them.  Please include your phone number on any faxed or emailed parent note. We will call you and verify that you sent the note before we code it into the computer.  

Verification of enrollment (VOE)

Verification of Enrollment (VOE) is required by the state of Texas to attend driving school to get a learner’s permit to drive.  A VOE is also required for the student’s first license and every license they will have renewed until they are 18.

The student needs to come to the Attendance Office in the morning before school or during lunch to sign up for their VOE.  If the student has no d-halls, no outstanding book fines and attendance is in accordance with Texas state law, the VOE will be ready for the student to pick up that same afternoon in the Main Office.  

Parents may not call to request this for students,.   It is the student’s responsibility to take care of this!!

VOE’s are run ONCE A DAY, at the end of the school day.  Plan ahead and sign up BEFORE the day you need it.  They are good for 30 days from the date printed, so plan accordingly.  Please do not plan to come into the office and have it printed for you while you wait.  You must plan ahead.

Students needing their VOE:

  • Fill out the online form, located on the website and as a scannable QR code located in the attendance office

  • Print your LEGAL name (no nicknames)

  • Pick it up AFTER SCHOOL.  (If you sign up after school, it will be ready the NEXT DAY AFTER SCHOOL)

Check your Attendance

Login to Skyward Family Access to view absences.  If you receive a call that your student had an unexcused absence, please check Skyward first to see which period(s) the absences were for.  If you believe there has been a mistake, have your STUDENT ask their teacher(s) about it first.  There is a verification process which requires a teacher’s signature to clear absences.  Parents may not call and have the Attendance Office clear an absence.

Messages to students

We do not interrupt class to deliver messages or items to students!!!  Only emergency messages from PARENTS are allowed. Emergency means medical, death in the family, house on fire, etc.

Items brought to students by parents

This is very important!  If a student calls home during the day for a parent to bring something to school they have forgotten, we will not deliver it to them.  The student will need to check in the office to see if it has been brought to school. We will not interrupt a class to deliver forgotten items.  Please take care of lunch money, homework, projects, rides home, doctor’s appointments, etc, the night before.

Using cell phones to call home

If a student gets sick, they may NOT use their cell phones to call their parents to come and get them.  They should go to the nurse if they are ill. She will contact the parent or guardian to pick them up. She will also give the student a pass to bring to the Main Office to sign out.

Phone for student use

There is a phone in the office for student use free of charge.  It is ONLY to be used for calls for transportation or in case of an emergency.  It is NOT to be used for personal calls.