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Our Mission

The Mission of the Wichita Falls Independent School District is to prepare all students to become lifelong learners who are productive, responsible and participating members of society.

I. Student Achievement and Support Needs

Goal 1:  Develop a culture of continuous improvement and accountability that fosters student success.      

              Rider teachers work very hard to ensure that all students can achieve success in the classroom. Teachers analyze past student achievement to identify strengths and weaknesses of their students in order to better meet their current needs. Teachers also make sure that what they teach matches up with state and local standards, incorporate instructional technology where applicable, and offer students numerous opportunities for extra help when needed. Student Support Teams are also employed to increase student achievement. Teachers regularly attend staff development to stay current on modern practice, helping to ensure that what your student learns is meaningful and applicable.

II. Post-Secondary Student Achievement

Goal 2:  Produce students that are globally competitive.

            Rider offers numerous opportunities for students to prepare for college and beyond. Rider's AP programs are second to none, and various programs offer globally recognized industry certifications in a variety of fields that translate directly to the workplace, some of which can be used for college credit. Rider has an excellent Career and Technical Education program, with many options for students to consider. Rider also offers classes that are dual/concurrent enrollment courses with Vernon College.  

III. Facilities

Goal 3:  Provide safe and secure facilities that support instructional programs.

     Rider employs district-wide security policies that help keep our campus safe. Teachers monitor the hallways and enforce district and school policies and regulations in order to keep your students safe and in the right frame of mind for learning. A Positive Behavior Support plan is in place, and crisis management is reviewed and practiced regularly. Improving safety for students and staff is a continuing process and is always being reviewed.  

IV. Community and District Culture

Goal 4:  Promote a culture of mutual support, collaboration and community engagement.

     Organizations such as PRO Rider work hard to promote academic achievement and a positive learning environment here at Rider. In addition to PRO Rider, parents are kept informed with what is going on at Rider through news bulletins that are posted to Rider's website, the website itself, and regular progress reports and report cards that are sent home every three weeks. Communication between parents and teachers is of utmost importance.  

V. Finance

Goal 5:  Demonstrate fiscal responsibility and operating efficiency.       

              Rider department heads and program leaders must submit a budget for their respective areas. Our goal is to reduce waste and to make the most of what we have. Better utilization and accountability of funds is a component of transparent financial procedures. We want to give Rider students the best, to do so we must be good stewards of what we have.


The mission of the public education system of this state is to ensure that all Texas children have access to a quality education that enables them to achieve their potential and fully participate now and the future in the social, economic, and education opportunities of our state and nation.  That mission is grounded on the conviction that a general diffusion of knowledge is essential for the welfare of this state and for the preservation of the liberties and rights of citizens.  It is further grounded on the conviction that a successful public education system is directly related to a strong, dedicated, and supportive family; and that parental involvement in the school is essential for the maximum educational achievement of a child.


GOAL #1:  The student in the public education system will demonstrate exemplary performance in the reading and writing of the English language.

GOAL #2:  The students in the public education system will demonstrate exemplary performance in the understanding of mathematics.

GOAL #3:  The students in the public education system will demonstrate exemplary performance in the understanding of science.

GOAL #4:  The students in the public education system will demonstrate exemplary performance in the understanding of social studies.


Objective #1: Parents will be full partners with educators in the education of their children.

Objective #2: Students will be encouraged and challenged to meet their full educational potential.

Objective #3: Through enhanced dropout prevention efforts, all students will remain in school until they obtain a high school diploma.

Objective #4: A well-balanced and appropriate curriculum will be provided to all students.

Objective #5: Qualified and highly effective personnel will be recruited, developed, and retained.

Objective #6: The state’s students will demonstrate exemplary performance in the comparison to national and international standards.

Objective #7: School campuses will maintain a safe and disciplined environment conducive to student learning.

Objective #8: Educators will keep abreast of the development of creative and innovative techniques as appropriate to improve student learning.

Objective #9: Technology will be implemented and used to increase the effectiveness of student learning, instructional management, staff development, and administration.


1.  All students will achieve proficiency in reading, language arts, math (2013-14).

2.  All students will be educated in a safe, drug free learning environment.

3.  All LEP students will be proficient in reading, language arts, math (2013-14).

4.  All students will be taught by Highly Qualified teachers.

5.  All students will graduate from high school.

6.  Technology will be incorporated in ways to increase student performance