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Alma Mater

S. H. Rider High School Alma Mater

1973 Choir

Dear S. H. Rider High,

"Stand Upright" is our cry.

To learn a loss or victory

For thee we'll always try.

Our colors we will follow,

Black and Gold will always fly.

The sons and daughters of her kindred

Praise her to the skies.

Bless this, our alma mater,

                                                    Bless S. H. Rider High!                                                    

                                                                                                                        Donald B. Cowan

"From it's lowly beginnings in a pasture in southwestern Wichita Falls came our beautiful building,
the model school
plant with full facilities for a well-planned high school.

Into it we poured the ingredient humanity and gave it being as an individuality -- our Alma Mater."                                                                                                                -1962 Raider Yearbook

S. H. Rider High School Building