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History of "ROHO"


"ROHO is coming." This bumper sticker appeared on cars during the spring and summer of 1972. Coach M.K. Mercer had them made and the some of the varsity cheerleaders sold and distributed the stickers throughout that spring and summer.  
After three straight losses to cross town rival WFHS, a campus still trying to find its identity after integration, and a very talented student body and group of athletes on the horizon, Coach Mercer came up with the slogan “RIGHT ON HONORABLE ONE”. RIGHT ON being commonly used as the verbiage by students at that time and HONORABLE ONE coined to unite the Rider campus, ROHO emerged serving as a funnel to energize campus enthusiasm and pride especially during the fall of 1973.
Soon after, the student body changed the slogan to "RIDE ON, HONORABLE ONE," and it has remained so ever since.
Coach M.K. Mercer, 1973
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