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Language Other Than English (LOTE)


RoHo Language Arts

Welcome to Rider High School LOTE

(Language Other Than English)


Courses Offered: 

Spanish I-IV classes are offered as Pre AP and AP classes.

Spanish I-II classes are offered as regular education classes as well.

For more information, contact Maria Cruz,

CBE Rules

WFISD and Rider High School offer for students who are capable the ability to take the Spanish Level I and Level II Credit By Examination and Placement test.  These are the stipulations:

  1. If a student assigned to a Spanish I level class desires to test out of the class, he or she will be given the test in the first week of school.  A passing grade on the written test will lead to the administration of the oral part of the exam.  A passing grade on the CBE will promote the student directly to the next level of Spanish.
  2. If a student takes and passes the CBE for Spanish I, placement will be in a Spanish II PAP class.
  3. Upon successful completion of the Spanish I CBE, a student who shows mastery of their language skills will be allowed, upon request to take the Spanish II CBE.  A passing grade will, upon approval of the LOTE Dept Chair, allow the student to be promoted directly to Spanish III PAP.
  4. NOTE:  THE CBE WILL ONLY GIVE CREDIT TO THE STUDENT IF THE STUDENT PASSES THE SPANISH CLASS THAT THEY ARE EVENTUALLY ENROLLED IN.  For example, if a student passes the Spanish I CBE, he or she MUST pass the Spanish II PAP class in order to get credit for Spanish I.  If a student passes both the Spanish I and II CBE, he or she MUST pass the Spanish III PAP class that they will be enrolled in.  Failure to pass the class in which the student is enrolled will result in NO credit for any level of Spanish that the student has tested out of.  The student will be forced to retake the class in order to get credit.