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Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program to support the personal, social, academic, and career development of all students.


Blaire Robinson

Blaire Robinson

Counselor (A-E)
Leslie Bailey

Leslie Bailey

Counselor (F-K)
Mary Schelter

Mary Schelter

Counselor (L-R)
Alisha Crouch

Alisha Crouch

Counselor (S-Z)
Tara Li

Tara Li

College & Career Counselor

Schedule Change Guidelines

Only schedules that meet the following criteria will be considered for changes:

  • Counselors may change schedules in order to balance a class size.

  • Seniors not enrolled in a course REQUIRED for graduation

  • Students scheduled in a course for which they already have credit

  • Student is enrolled in a course for which the student does not have the prerequisite.

  • Student has an incomplete schedule

  • Students enrolled/not enrolled in an application/audition course for which they were approved/not approved or cannot meet extracurricular requirements of course

  • Student has failed a course and needs to repeat the course

  • Change is needed as a result of a credit earned in summer school or correspondence course

  • Endorsement changes trigger a schedule change that is subject to these guidelines; endorsement changes are best made in the spring course selection window

  • Students enrolled in Dual Credit or AP classes who did not pass their TSI test

  • Students may not be removed from any class including athletics in the 3rd and the 6th six weeks

Exit Guidelines for Honors/AP courses:

  • Rider’s goal is to support and retain all students in Honors & AP courses each year 

  • All Honors and AP courses will not be changed until the 7th week of school after the teacher and parent/guardian have had a face-to-face/virtual  conference and have both agreed to the change.  

  • A “Request to Drop” form has to be signed by the teacher, parent/guardian, counselor, assistant principal and student. The form has to be turned in to the counselor. 

  • Depending on graduation requirements and credits needed, students attempting to drop an Honors/AP course for which there is no equivalent may have to remain in the course until the end of the semester.  (For example, AP Human Geography, AP European History, Honors Spanish 3, etc.)

New Students: Please contact Yolanda Bruce in the Guidance Office at 940-235-1081 to schedule an appointment to enroll. You need to bring the following documents:

  • Withdrawal form with withdrawal grades and/or transcript from former school

  • Official Birth Certificate

  • Official Social Security Card

  • Up-to-date copy of immunization records

  • Address verification (utility bill or lease agreement)

Please make sure you have completed the InfoSnap prior to enrollment if you are brand new to the district.

To sign up to see a counselor, click here.

Anonymous Bullying Report, click here

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