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AP/Honors Policy

The WFISD Honors/AP teachers along with the district's Subject Area Coordinators have developed curriculum for the Honors courses to offer students a more rigorous coursework through the Honors classes which lead to the AP classes. The AP teachers follow the College Board guidelines for the curriculum of each AP course offered at Rider High School. Honors classes begin in the 9th grade and it is best if the student has taken some of the Honors (Advanced) classes offered in the 7-8th grade years but is not required. Students are encouraged to take as many of these advanced courses as possible.

College Credit: College credit is awarded to students for successful scores on AP exams given in May of the student's junior and senior years. Each university determines what score is considered “successful.”

UIL: The “no pass-no play” rule of the Education Code 33.081 (c) and (d) does not apply to advanced placement courses in the subject areas of English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, economics or a language other than English. This includes all Pre-AP and AP courses plus Pre-Calculus. Counselors or teachers may encourage UIL participants to drop a course if they continue to not be successful so they will be able to earn the appropriate credits necessary for graduation.

Dropping an Honors Course:

Rider’s goal is to support and retain all students in Honors & AP courses each year

  • All Honors and AP courses will not be changed until the 7th week of school after the teacher and parent/guardian have had a face-to-face conference and have both agreed to the change.
  • A “Request to Drop” form has to be signed by the teacher, parent/guardian, counselor, and student. And the form has to be turned in to the counselor.
  • The student's grade will be raised according to district policy when the class is dropped at the end of a six weeks grading period.
  • Depending on graduation requirements and credits needed, students attempting to drop an Honors/AP course for which there is no equivalent may have to remain in the course until the end of the semester. (For example, AP Human Geography, AP European History, Honors Spanish 3, etc.)
  • The student's grade will be raised according to district policy when the class is dropped at the end of a six weeks grading period.
  • No Honors/AP course may be dropped during the 3rd 6 weeks of a semester.


  1. After dropping a class, the new schedule would be designed based on the class load and availability. If a regular class, offered in the same time slot, is not full then the student may move directly into that class with little disruption to his schedule. If a class is not available at the original time, a student's schedule may be re-arranged to accommodate this request.

Students may not request a teacher for the new class.